BCA is Bachelor in Computer Applications. It is a 3 year under graduate course designed according to the current demand of the technology based working corporates and businesses. In today’s world of tech-based enterprises BCA provides a cutting edge with its core subjects like database management system, Computer Applications, Software Engineering, Programming languages and many more. With the rapid growth of IT industry BCA has become a great opportunity for getting jobs in the filed of computer applications. It is a complete 3-year (6 semester) courses governed by the university curriculum.

Course work & Assessment 

A variety of teaching and assessment methods are used throughout the course including lectures, workshops, seminars, projects and group exercises with the aim of helping students to become independent learners, equipped with practical skills and competencies.

Each unit is assessed separately using a mixture of examinations, coursework and projects. A dissertation on the related topic is completed in the final year and students will be assigned a project mentor for guidance. 

Careers in BCA

Graduates of this course go on to successful careers, in Computer applications, Coding, App developers, Tech Startups.


1. He/She must  be an intermediate/+2 level in Arts, Science or Commerce as regular students or as a student of distance education.

2. Students who did not study Mathematics at the intermediate/+2 level have to appear for an additional qualifying test for basic Mathematics conducted by the college. 

3. He/She must have obtained at least 50% marks overall at intermediate / +2 Level.

Fee Schedule for 3 years BCA Course

Annual Schedule (BCA)

Particular Amount
Registration  5,000.00
Uniform  8,000.00
Lab & Library Charge  4,000.00
1st Year Tution  70,000.00
Exam Fee 1st Year  7,000.00
2nd Year Tution  70,000.00
Exam Fee 2nd Year  7,000.00
3rd Year Tution  70,000.00
Exam Fee 3rd Year  7,000.00
Total  2,48,000.00
Hostel Fee Amount
1st Year  50,000.00
2nd Year  50,000.00
3rd Year  50,000.00
Total  1,50,000.00

Particular Academic Fee Hostel Fee Total Fee
1st Year Payable  94,000.00  50,000.00  1,44,000.00
2nd Year Payable  77,000.00  50,000.00  1,27,000.00
3rd Year Payable  77,000.00  50,000.00  1,27,000.00
Total  2,48,000.00  1,50,000.00  3,98,000.00

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