Smart Class

Smart classroom technology is a boon for the Education system. It boosts the confidence of the students and encourages them to think beyond their imagination. Jinvani Management College, Ara has adopted the smart class technology long before; as we know, students of today are the futures of tomorrow, and it is only right that we invest in a better tomorrow.

JMC uses a Moodle Management System, which eases the process of learning.

• It helps the teachers engage students with media and explain each part of the lesson with some special effects and graphic presentations.

• It facilitates easy communication with students via messaging, forums, and mobile notifications.

• It helps to create a quick FAQ session between teachers and students where students can clear their doubts.

• Teachers can monitor the students’ progress and motivate them with digital rewards.

To make this process easier and enhance the teaching-learning experience, JMC Ara, uses Google for Education.

• We use Google Meet to help the teachers conduct classes and easily converse via videos.

• Google Classroom is used to watch the recorded videos, distribute assignments, and provide feedback in the grading tool.

Students are habitual in writing notes in the class, which tends to divert their attention from learning. But with the help of the smart class, notes and presentations can be shared directly with the students. Various tools can also help teachers distribute assignments, provide feedback, and involve in discussions. 

Smart classes help in developing interest among students and avoid boredom. The use of smart technology in the class attracts students’ attention by displaying animated media, such as videos, pictures, and audio which creates better learning outcomes. It not only enhances the aesthetics of teaching but also helps students visualize concepts in their minds, making learning easier.

According to Psychologists, visual learning using smart technology elements like images, graphs, flow charts, videos, etc., are considered highly effective and help students grasp the concepts quickly. Smart classrooms also reduce distractions, and therefore, students can concentrate more and retain more information.

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