Student Award

Apart from the academic awards, best outgoing student and best all-rounder awards are also given to students each year. The criterion for the award is based on the performance of student in studies, extra curriculum activities, regularity, punctuality, and participation in workshop, social and cultural events.


The key objectives of these awards are to :

• acknowledge and promote student academic excellence

• provide formal recognition of student achievements which can be included in their curriculum vitae

• Increase visibility of student excellence and motivate other students to perform better thereby upgrading standards of excellence and achievement.

The Award details are given below 

01. Above and Beyond Award

02. Academic Excellence Award

03. Achievement Award

04. Artfully Creative Award

05. Awesome Attitude

06. Reading Rockstar

07. Excellent Effort Award

08. Leadership Award

09. Outstanding Improvement Award

10. Perfect Attendance

11. Rising Star Award

12. Safety Award

13. Spectacular Sportsman Award

14. Student of the Year

15. Teamwork Award

16. Technology Whiz

17. The Yes I Can! Award

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