Career Counseling

Career counselling is a service that helps people begin, change, or advance their careers. It can include one-on-one conversations between a counsellor and a career seeker, as well as assessments, activities, and projects designed to help career seekers make the most of their strengths. 

A career counsellor is similar to a career coach in that professionals in both roles can help you navigate your career path and understand your career goals. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, professionals may identify themselves as one or the other and describe their services in very specific ways. 

Whether you are a student or recent graduates or at the midpoint of your career trajectory and thinking about a career change, career counselling could help you make sound decisions for your professional journey.

Here are some things we can expect to work on during career counselling sessions :

• Assessing your strengths, skills, education, and experience 

• Bringing your desires and dreams to the surface

• Identifying areas of untapped potential 

• Considering various career options

• Exploring industry trends and hiring practices 

• Researching job listings and employers 

• Preparing for interviews 

• Enhancing your resume 

• Drafting cover letters

• Finding your first job or changing careers 

• Charting a rewarding career path

Considering the expected job growth across industries, from the arts to health care, as well as exciting technological advancements in many fields, now might be a great time for you to pursue career counseling. That way, you can explore your potential with the guidance of a skilled mentor and prepare yourself for an ever-changing professional landscape. 

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