Placement Desk

The Office of Training & Placement works tirelessly, ensuring fruitful career for students, across various industries and helping individual’s endeavour to be a successful industry ready asset. Our students are provided with good facilities and enjoy a healthy environment so that they fully imbibe the concepts and thereby manifest their knowledge in the real world. I sincerely thank all the companies/ industries that visited our campus for recruitment and internship. Jinvani Management College will continue its efforts in this direction by facilitating industrial training/ internships, and inviting companies/institutions/ organizations of repute for placement.

The Changing paradigms have made mandatory for an academic institution to foster a new breed of professionals – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of the box and innovation. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those sustain who have the right attitude & skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work is no more the key to success alone but individuals are expected to work smarter and consistently without failure. 

JMC gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting suitable placements after the successful completion of their studies. JMC ensure that every student gets the right skill & domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable to the industry. The department organizes activities and workshops that enable students to be effective team leaders as well as team players. This department is operated with twin-fold focus, i.e. augmenting internal competencies by fostering contemporary grooming of students and by enabling industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with requisite technical & managerial skills.

The only objective of JMC has been creating knowledge, influencing management practices and global integration. Every student is provided with highly professional environment of learning from the very first day. The institute places special emphasis on inculcating corporate values and skills required for complex decision-making, besides developing superior expertise on functional domains and garnering Technical knowledge.

Being an Institute, we generally focus on student’s enhancement by conducting industry expert talks, skill development, industrial projects, and Technical expert sessions. The institute has also developed a pool of highly experienced and qualified industry and academic professionals who regularly guide us in improving the teaching methodology, course content development as per industry requirement to ensure updated and required academic delivery. At JMC we nurture inquisitive, enterprising and curious outlook of students.

 Our Recruitement Partners