Welcome to Official web Site of Jinvani Management College !! One of the leading institutes in Bhojpur, Ara, Jinvani Management College is an AICTE Approved & affiliated with Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna.

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About The Institute

Jinvani Management College aims the integral personal formation of the youth. To accomplish this, special efforts are made to impart a kind of education that lays stress on character building, team work spirit, and infuse in the students – a spirit of adventure, fair play and justice. We encourage them continuously to strive for excellence in every field and to be unselfish in the service of their fellow man.

Our aim is also to develop a feeling of pride in Indian culture, moral values, among the students and to produce citizens who are truly Indian and rise above social, communal, religious and provincial prejudices. We develop in our students an attitude of positive response to the persistent demand of changing society and yet firmly uphold in them their basic values and standards to become men and women of values for others.

Our aim is also to enable them to ascertain the meaning of life, to install strong personal convictions and right values in order to give a proper direction to their action and also to develop into them a quest for truth, a sense of social justice, genuine concern and obedience to lawful authority. We also inculcate among our students the spirit of “LOVE THE EARTH AS THEMSELVES” which is the motto of our parent Society, HEALTH AND EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, ARA.

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Chairman's Desk

Secretary's DeskIt gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Jinvani Management College - a temple of learning, innovation and research with a futuristic vision. The scenic beauty and congenial atmosphere of the campus are ideally suited for professional study, research, and innovation. All our four programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to respond to the full diversity of global needs.

The College has a global vision and is actively pursuing the establishment of a network of collaborative teaching and research partnerships with reputed universities across the globe. The family tree of the College is an impressive one, involving a series of successful partnerships, each of which has signi?cantly contributed to the culture and values of the College and its approach to education, ideas, and community.

I invite you to join the vibrant "Jinvani Management College" community and explore this world of opportunities for yourself.

Dr.Aditya Bijay Jain

Jinvani Management College

Highlights of JMC

Hands-On Learning

Students will be jack-of-all-skills with profound knowledge and professional skill set delivered by our seasoned faculty. Jinvani Management College would be committed to ensure that its all student will have a strong core competence in their respective domains and will industry-ready at the time of passing out. To ensure this Jinvani Management College impart rigorous technical trainings under an array of industrial tie-ups and MOUs. These trainings will provide students the great exposure to the industry.

Outcome Based Learning

The best brains from academia and industry collaboration are at Jinvani Management College to curate highly contemporary, functional and dynamic curriculum across all management programs. In order to facilitate greater ef?ciency and elevated placements in all respective domains, a due emphasis on case based learning and training in collaboration with the industry is an integral part of our college.

Industry-Oriented Training

Practical training and industrial visits are an integral part of the academic program at Jinvani Management College. We aim higher in gaining the most promising career by getting industry - relevant training that ?lls in you a potential to get job-ready.

Education Loan Available

JMC support you with ?nancial assistance also, we are helping our students for their Education Loan.

Research and Innovation Cell

All sectors of the economy emphasize the importance of innovations. Businesses and organizations are continuously looking for innovative employees. Companies need innovations to create competitiveness and the public sector needs innovations to produce high-quality and cost-ef?cient services. The research and innovation program at Jinvani Manangement College let you begin from scratch in shaping your ideas into real-time projects.

Transport Facility

Although the campus is well connected by local public transport, JMC has its own bus ?eet which provides transport facility from nearby cities to the campus from speci?c pickup points pre- de?ned as per the convenience of students.

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JMC Advantage

Leadership Development

JMC's mission is to grow students into tomorrow's business leaders, and this process is ongoing on the JMC campus. The Management Program's organisational structure, the corresponding soft skills training, and the hands-on event management experience bring out the leader in each student.

Case approach : With the case technique, you are seated in the decision-making position and asked the questions. It teaches you how to make decisions without all the information and draw conclusions from just the data. The individual facilitating the case discussion is the decision-maker, and the remainder of the class will encourage and push the case's analysis as far as it can go. The emphasis is on reaching a conclusion for the case via study of facts and a whole picture.

Soft skills :  A leader develops his or her vision for the company and effectively conveys it to the rest of the company. The students will be able to evaluate their communication skills thanks to the soft skills training at JMC. Additionally, there is an emphasis on raising the emotional intelligence (EQ) of our future leaders so that they can manage the human aspect of managing organisations.

Industry Oriented Training : Practical training and industrial visits are an integral part of the academic program at Jinvani Management College. We aim higher in gaining the most promising career by getting industry- releveant training that fills in you a potential to get job ready.

Extracurricular activities : In order to develop into well-rounded persons, students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to manage events, accept accountability for their performance, and develop into stronger, more seasoned leaders by organising cultural events, presentations by titans of the business, and a range of on-campus activities.

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About - Ara, Bhojpur

The present district of Bhojpur came into existence in 1972. Earlier this district was the part of old Shahabad district. 

Ara town is the headquarters of the district and also its principal town. 

1857 was a remarkable year in the history of the town and country - Kunwar Singh revolted against the Britishers in line with the Mutineers.

It is said that Ara, the present headquarters of the district derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘ARANYA’, which means forest. 

The famous Jain temple which is approx. 600 centuries old is located in Masarh village approx. 10 Km from Ara on Ara-Buxar Highway. 

One of the most dominant rulers were the Rajputs from Ujjain in the province of Malwa . Raja Bhoj was their king and the term ‘Bhojpur’ now applicable to the area is derived from him.”

How To Reach Ara? All About Transport Connectivity 


• There are no direct flights. Nearest airport is Patna Airport.

• Patna Airport (PAT), to Arrah : 53KMs

• Gaya Airport (GAY), to Arrah : 89 KMs


• District Headquarter, Arrah, is well connected to other major cities of the country by train. There are more than 150 trains pass through Ara Junction (ARA). 


• District Headquarters Arrah is well connected by road . Arrah is about 53 KMs by road to Patna (Capital of Bihar). You can easily get regular buses to Arrah from other major cities of the state.

Bus Stations :

• Govt Bus Stand, Near Railway Sttion, Arrah

• Private Bus stand, Bypass road, Arrah



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