Students Club

The Jinvani Management College, Club has a variety of student clubs which offer opportunities for peer to peer learning and also helps in understanding an issue/matter from different point of views. Each year’s clubs are created and shaped by the interests of the students. Students themselves coordinate and manage the activities and initiatives, both academic and extracurricular. Of each club there are ‘Club Owners’ who with the unison of the entire batch decides the topic to be discussed in the club.

Club Liveliness

Liveliness Club is an initiative by students to add a new flavor, a new theme and to capture the pulse of the campus. It gives an extra edge to understand, learn and share knowledge on a common platform. This translates to enhance the students’ intellect for their managerial domain from their peers and industry experts.

Club Marcom

Club MARCOM is the “MARketing” and “COMmunications” club of JMC. In this competitive business scenario, marketing of products and values has become a necessity. The corporate world is run by brands and not just by products/services. Marketing, these days, is as important for business to business (B2B), as it is for the business to customer (B2C) segment. At MARCOM, we understand this and try to awaken the marketer in each of us through various activities such as presentations, Adwise/ Admad - the ad making competitions, jargons, interactive discussions, GD’s, book reviews etc. These activities also help in developing the communication skills and “out of the box” thinking, much needed to survive in the world of marketing. It is here that the students of JMC learn the concepts of marketing in the various segments be it B2B, B2C and C2C; and hence, making the students of JMC practical enough to be challenged anywhere.

Club Finnacle

FINNACLE is a knowledge sharing platform which gives opportunity to cope up with the constantly evolving world of Finance. Weekly activities such as Debates, Quizzes, Guest Sessions and Presentations help expand the horizon in the world of Finance. The conceptual clarity is achieved by the interactive discussions among the students. News crunching sessions helps gaining insight to the latest developments in the markets. With this the students are able to withstand the circumstances of the bear market and ace the bull market.

Pixel Connect Club

The objective of operations club is to create awareness among students the techniques used in management in various companies. They also have classroom exercises like quizzes and case studies along with presentations. Guests from different companies from operations background are called and are made to share their real time experiences and give students a composite idea on various aspects of operations like resource planning, machine planning and time management. Inventory management and quality aspects like SIX SIGMA are discussed with live examples in detail which make students aware of application of these tools at grassroots level. The club also focuses on updating students with new operations management tools and software used in the field in various industries to optimize the production process.

Club HR

The HR club is the club at JMC. It comprises of HR student members from the junior as well as senior batch to involve all the students and make them think from different perspectives by placing practical illustrations. The HR club started as an initiative to give a boost to the HR activities in the college. The main motive of the HR club is to spearhead activities that could remove the traditional myths surrounding HR as a function and to create awareness regarding the importance of HR function in the current business scenario. It facilitates the functioning of the Centre of Excellence for HR. It provides a platform to the student community to understand and enhance their knowledge in this field by getting associated with the faculty, participating in events and contributing through articles.

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