JMC Advantage

Leadership Development

JMC's mission is to grow students into tomorrow's business leaders, and this process is ongoing on the JMC campus. The Management Program's organisational structure, the corresponding soft skills training, and the hands-on event management experience bring out the leader in each student.

Case approach : With the case technique, you are seated in the decision-making position and asked the questions. It teaches you how to make decisions without all the information and draw conclusions from just the data. The individual facilitating the case discussion is the decision-maker, and the remainder of the class will encourage and push the case's analysis as far as it can go. The emphasis is on reaching a conclusion for the case via study of facts and a whole picture.

Soft skills :  A leader develops his or her vision for the company and effectively conveys it to the rest of the company. The students will be able to evaluate their communication skills thanks to the soft skills training at JMC. Additionally, there is an emphasis on raising the emotional intelligence (EQ) of our future leaders so that they can manage the human aspect of managing organisations.

Industry Oriented Training : Practical training and industrial visits are an integral part of the academic program at Jinvani Management College. We aim higher in gaining the most promising career by getting industry- releveant training that fills in you a potential to get job ready.

Extracurricular activities : In order to develop into well-rounded persons, students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to manage events, accept accountability for their performance, and develop into stronger, more seasoned leaders by organising cultural events, presentations by titans of the business, and a range of on-campus activities.

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